Westside Optical Dispensary is inside our clinic office.

We have the resources and experience to meet your needs, from routine to highly specialized eye wear. We’re a comprehensive optical provider.

At Westside Optical Dispensary, we emphasize quality at a competitive price. We are committed to excellent customer service. The members of our highly skilled staff have over 20 years experience.

We always guarantee our work.

Whether your concern is comfort, fashion, weight or simplicity, we’re committed to helping you get it right, at a price you’ll feel good about.

Westside Optical Dispensary

Types of Lens:

  • Single Vision
  • Line Bifocals
  • Trifocal Lens
  • Progressive (No Line Bifocal)


  • Tints
  • Transitions
  • Polarize
  • Antiglare
  • Mirror Coatings
  • Prism

Available Material:

  • Plastic
  • Polycarbonate (Scratch Resistance, Light Weight, UV, Impact Resistance Lens)
  • High Index (Up to 1.74 Index in most lens)
  • Photo-gray Lens (Glass Only)

Brand Name Frames for Women, Men, and Children:

  • Guess

  • Candies

  • Ted Baker

  • Helium

  • Vera Bradley

  • MODZ

  • Vivid

  • Sophia Loren

  • Success

  • G-E-N-E-V-I-E-V-E Paris Design

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