Protect Your Eyes During A Storm & During Storm Damage Cleanup

Protect Your Eyes During A Storm & Storm Damage Cleanup The 2018 Hurricane season still seems to be at its peak and a storm can hit at any time. While you prepare for such an event like getting your home ready don't forget about your health, especially your eyes. Even while boarding up your [...]

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Do carrots really help the eyes?

Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing prescription eyeglasses or contacts? Although I jest, eating carrots really does help your eye health. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is beneficial to our vision. However, we would have to consume an extremely large amount of carrots in order to get a sufficient amount of [...]

Sunglasses – Fashion or Protection

Sunglasses are so much more than fashion accessories....They protect your eyes. When you slip on your favorite pair of shades every time you leave the house, there’s so much more going on than meets the eye. There are so many reasons to put those sunglasses on apart from how they look. They should be worn [...]

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Pregnancy and Vision

Can pregnancy affect my vision? Pregnancy does crazy things to a woman's body and YES it can even affect your vision. The changes that are occurring in hormones, blood circulation, metabolism, and fluid retention can all impact your eyes and your eyesight during pregnancy. Water retention not only can make your ankles swell, but it [...]

Top 5 Things That Can Damage Your Eyes

Your vision is extremely important but it is also so easy to lose. There are many dangers that can harm your eyes, a single moment can change your life forever.  Below are five common causes of damage to your eyes, and how you can avoid them to maintain eye health. 1. UV Rays UV Rays or Ultraviolet Rays [...]

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Trifocal Lenses

Trifocal Lenses What are trifocal lenses? In 1827, John Isaac Hawkins patented the Trifocal eyeglasses that have three different regions that correct for the following: distance, intermediate (arm's length), and near vision. People with advanced presbyopia who have been prescribed 2 diopters or more for reading, will typically be prescribed trifocals. Trifocals are [...]