Protect Your Eyes During A Storm & Storm Damage Cleanup

Protective Glasses The 2018 Hurricane season still seems to be at its peak and a storm can hit at any time. While you prepare for such an event like getting your home ready don’t forget about your health, especially your eyes. Even while boarding up your windows you should wear protective eye glasses with side shields so flying debris including dust cannot get into your eyes. Also make sure to include an extra pair of glasses, contacts or vision medication in any hurricane emergency bag.

During A Storm

High winds will pick up debris, so make sure you put on protective eyewear. During a storm you should stay indoors, but if you have to go outside protect your eyes. High winds can turn even the smallest objects including sand or dust into projectiles that could hit and harm your eyes.

Storm Damage Cleanup

If you have lived through a major storm including a Hurricane, you now once the storm is over the tedious storm damage cleanup begins. There is a lot to do and you usually do not have water or electricity for the first couple of days. That’s why it is even more important to take good care of your eyes. Wear protective glasses when cleaning up your yard and home. If you think you may have to clean up some sort of chemical spill, put on googles that way your eyes will be protected form chemical splashes.

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