Sports & Eye Injuries

Sports and eye injuriesAccording to experts, most eye injuries occur while playing basketball and baseball, followed by water sports, and then racket sports. Those sports are considered high risk sports, because they involve using a ball or some shape or form of a stick.

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What Injuries Can Occur?

Several different types of eye injuries can occur while playing high risk sports. Blunt trauma injuries mean that someone or something hits either the eye directly or the area surrounding your eyes. Results can vary from a bruised eye or eye lid to broken bone under your eyeball or even breaking the eye ball itself. You could also suffer from a detached retina. Penetrating injuries mean that something cuts your eye. For example, if you wear glasses and they break, the glass could cut your eye. Your eyes also can suffer from what experts call radiation injuries. This happens when your eyes are exposed to the sun. These injuries are most common in outdoor sports, such as cycling, snow or water skiing, and other water sports. Using eye protection can help prevent injuries.

What You Should Not Do

Do not attempt to treat any potential injuries yourself. Also, try not to remove something from your eye. Keep in mind if you happen to scratch your eye you might feel a burning sensation and it may even feel as if something is stuck in your eye. Visit a doctor immediately to find out how to best treat any injury.

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