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Do You Close Your Eyes When Eating Something Unbelievably Delicious?

Do You Close Your Eyes When Eating Something Unbelievably Delicious? The holiday season is here and that means we all will be eating probably way too much. But, some dishes will be incredibly delicious.  Do you close your eyes when experiencing a great taste? Have you ever wondered why that is? We did some [...]

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What You Need To Know About Eye Drops

What You Need To Know About Eye Drops There are plenty of eye drops on the market both prescription and over-the- counter. Over-the-counter drops can be cheaper and are usually more convenient. Basically there are eye drops for dry eyes, for eye redness and for  itchy eyes due to allergies. Make sure you use [...]

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Sports & Eye Injuries

Sports & Eye Injuries According to experts, most eye injuries occur while playing basketball and baseball, followed by water sports, and then racket sports. Those sports are considered high risk sports, because they involve using a ball or some shape or form of a stick. For more information visit: What Injuries Can Occur? Several [...]

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Protect Your Eyes During A Storm & During Storm Damage Cleanup

Protect Your Eyes During A Storm & Storm Damage Cleanup The 2018 Hurricane season still seems to be at its peak and a storm can hit at any time. While you prepare for such an event like getting your home ready don't forget about your health, especially your eyes. Even while boarding up your [...]

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What’s The Saddest Vegetable In The World?

What's The Saddest Vegetable In World- The Onion, But Why? The only vegetable that makes us cry when we cut it: the onion Why do onions make you cry when you cut them? Onions contain amino acids called sulfoxides. When you cut an onion their  cell walls become damaged and the sulfoxides mix with other [...]