Can You See The Board?

Can you see the boardRight now it’s time to head back to school for most kids. Have your children’s eyes been checked lately? Are you sure they can see the board when sitting in the back of the class? High rates of undetected and untreated eye disorders continue to plague the nation’s children and impair their ability to learn, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA). The association estimates one in five preschool children has a vision problem. Eye and vision problems can become worse over time, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to optimize your child’s eye health.  For more information click here:

How Many Vision Screenings Should A Child Have?

Westside Eye Clinic - Eye Doctor & Children examsPreschool-age children should receive at least one comprehensive eye and vision examination between the ages of 3 and 5 to prevent and/or diagnose and treat any eye or vision conditions, according to the association.  They recommend that school-age children receive a comprehensive eye and vision examination once a year to diagnose, treat and manage any eye or vision problems. If your child experiences a concussion you should take him or her to an optometrist for an eye exam in addition to visiting your healthcare provider. Studies have shown a high prevalence of vision problems after concussions. For more information visit:

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