What You Need To Know About Eye Drops

eye dropsThere are plenty of eye drops on the market both prescription and over-the- counter. Over-the-counter drops can be cheaper and are usually more convenient. Basically there are eye drops for dry eyes, for eye redness and for  itchy eyes due to allergies. Make sure you use the right one for your problem.

Use The Right Drops For Your Condition

Eye drops for dryness use a lubricate, also known as artificial tears, to give you relief from dry eyes. The condition can be caused by staring too long at a computer, being outside in windy and sunny conditions, and being tired.

Eye drops for redness are also called decongestant eye drops. They reduce the redness of your eyes by using vasoconstrictors.  These eye drops are usually not recommended for long-term use since they could potentially mask other underlying problems. Also, do not use decongestants for dry eyes, since they can worsen the dry eye symptoms, according to the experts.

Eye drops for allergies and itchy eyes reduce histamine in the eye tissue. They treat itchy, puffy or swollen eyes caused by allergies.

If you are not sure which drops to use or if they symptoms persist, consults with your eye doctor to make sure you are not suffering from any serious medical condition.

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