What’s The Saddest Vegetable In World- The Onion, But Why?

The only vegetable that makes us cry when we cut it: the onion

Why do onions make you cry when you cut them? Onions contain amino acids called sulfoxides. When you cut an onion their  cell walls become damaged and the sulfoxides mix with other enzymes in the onion creating sulfur gases. These gases, when get they get into your eyes, then create a mild acid which irritates the nerves around your eyes making them tear.

How to protect yourself

There are few things you can try that may help you out when cutting an onion. Chill, freeze (15-30 mins) or soak the onion in cold water before cutting it. The cold appears to slow down the process that converts the sulfoxides into those annoying gases. Just don’t forget about the onion you put into your freezer, since you won’t be able to cut it once it is completely frozen. Wearing goggles will also protect your eyes from those stinging gasses. Wearing glasses or shades won’t cut it though since the gasses can still get to your eyes. Use green onions or shallots. They produce the same type of gases but much less of them and won’t make you cry.

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