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What’s The Saddest Vegetable In The World?

What's The Saddest Vegetable In World- The Onion, But Why? The only vegetable that makes us cry when we cut it: the onion Why do onions make you cry when you cut them? Onions contain amino acids called sulfoxides. When you cut an onion their  cell walls become damaged and the sulfoxides mix with other [...]


“Bette Davis Eyes” Why Some People Have Blue Eyes

"Bette Davis Eyes" Why Some People Have Blue Eyes Do you remember the 80's hit song "Bette Davis Eyes"? Bette Davis, the actress known for playing strong, independent women, had deep blue eyes. Her signature eyes made her famous. However, during the era of black and white cinematography, those blue eyes often tended to be photograph in black and white and appeared brown or hazel. [...]