Spicy Foods - West Side Eye ClinicSpicy foods negatively affect a poorly operating digestive system and can unblock congested sinus passageways, but the question is: can spicy food affect our eyesight? Nothing has been scientifically verified to prove a connection between eating spicy food and a negative affect on your eyesight. However, when preparing meals with hot peppers involved, wash your hands well before touching your face, especially around the sensitive eye area. The eyes will redden and tear, with the possibility of swelling. This can be quite painful, and your vision can temporarily blur. Many people experience tearing of the eyes and runny noses when consuming extra spicy hot food. This is a common occurrence, and does not signify health issues. As Louisianians can attest to, a certain degree of desensitization occurs over time to consuming spicy foods. Some people even break a sweat when they consume an extremely spicy meal.

Why do we use spicy hot peppers in our food?

Is it beneficial in any way to consume spicy foods? According to Chef Bill Phillips, a spicy food expert and Associate Professor at the Culinary Institute of America, explains that “fiery food tastes hot because chemical molecules, such as capsaicin, excite pain receptors on your tongue that are linked to the sensation of temperature, not because it’s burning off your tastebuds. It’s more of a sensation of heat than something physical. Interestingly, spearmint actually hits on the same receptor, creating a sense of cold.” When spicy foods are consumed by those with a higher tolerance for the heat, feel- good hormones such as endorphins and serotonin are released in the pleasure center of the brain. Capsaicin and other spicy food molecules diminish substance P, a neurotransmitter that sends pain signals to the brain, during the desensitization process. There are numerous other health benefits to be had by consuming spicy foods… if you can handle the heat.

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