Cataract Surgery: How it Can Improve Your Vision and Your Life

West Side Eye Clinic Cataract Eye SurgeryA cataract, simply put, is the cloudy build up of natural proteins of the lens of the eye causing vision loss that cannot be corrected with prescription glasses, contact lenses, or corneal refractive surgery (i.e. Lasik). A healthy lens is clear but the cloudiness progresses slowly over time in a diseased eye. As the cloudiness progresses, less light is allowed to pass through the eye creating blurry vision. If a cataract is left untreated, it can cause blindness, making it the world’s leading cause of blindness.

Signs of cataracts:

1. Cloudy/blurry vision or double vision
2. Difficulty seeing at night
3. Sensitivity to light and glare
4. Seeing “halos” around lights
5. Fading or “yellowing” of colors
6. Increasing near-sightedness

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective procedures performed today.

During cataract surgery, the diseased lenses are removed and artificial lenses, known as intra-ocular lenses, are used to replace the natural lenses to restore clear vision. The procedure is typically done as outpatient surgery, where a high-frequency ultrasound device is used to fragment the cataract and suction is used to remove the fragments from the eye. Then the intraocular lens is placed behind the iris and pupil in the same location of the natural lens. Prior to surgery, the ophthalmologist will discuss with you the best lens to use to achieve the desired results. The choices are mono-focal lenses, multifocal lenses, and now there are astigmatism-correcting lenses. After surgery, you may not need to ever wear glasses ever again but, should you have to rely on glasses, you may only need to wear readers. Nonetheless, your vision will vastly improve.

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