Eye Makeup Safety

 Makeup is a wonderful thing. It hides blemishes and accentuates other desirable features. Eye makeup, like mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow, can help to make your eyes
stand out; however, it can also harm you eyes and vision.
In general, eye cosmetics are generally safe materials, as long as you use them properly. But, there are still some things to be concerned about ranging from bacteria and fungi to makeup combined with contact lenses.

Take care of your cosmetics and know when it is time to throw old makeup away.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Eye Cosmetics

  • Throw Away old Makeup
  • Don’t use mascara that’s dried out
  • Keep eye cosmetics cool
  • Only Use Eye Makeup on your eyes.
  • Do NOT share eye makeup
The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

6 Tips for Applying Eye Cosmetics Safely

Not only does applying eye makeup require talent and skill but it also requires safety. Obviously, getting eyeliner pens close to your eye, can potentially cause damage to your eye. Be careful and try not to get the cosmetics in your eye.

Try these eye cosmetic safety suggestions:

  • Never put your eye cosmetics on while you’re driving or riding in a car.
  • Skip eye cosmetics when you’ve got an irritated or infected eye
  • Keep eye cosmetics outside of your eye
  • Wash your hands before applying makeup
  • Avoid eye cosmetics that are iridescent, glittery, or shiny.
  • Use cosmetic applicators are clean
  • Remove Makeup before sleeping

Safety at Bedtime: How to Remove Eye Cosmetics

Makeup can irritate your eyes, especially if it is left on while you sleep and even more so if you wear contact lenses. It is important to gently wash off your eye makeup each night before bed to make sure that your cosmetics do not end up in your eye. The cosmetics can cause buildup on your contact lenses and can even cause damage to your eyes from scratching to infection. Read the packaging on your eye makeup to see what is the best way to remove it. And remember to wash your hands and gently remove your eye makeup.