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Video Games & Eyesight


New Orleans video games & eyesightVideo games have become increasingly popular since there inception in the 1980’s. They require the player to stare at the screen over long playing periods, giving the player little time to rest their eyes. It equates to working at the computer too long and developing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The symptoms of CVS and extended video gameplay include headaches, blurry vision, eye irritation, light sensitivity, and nearsightedness, if frequent breaks are not taken to rest your eyes. Aside from that, if your television or computer monitor is not at the proper level, you can also incur neck and shoulder pain.

Thankfully, there are ways to circumvent damage to your eyesight.

  1. Take care of your eyes daily with proper nutrition, sunglasses, and rest.
  2. Specialists suggest that gamers follow the “10-10-10 Rule”. They recommend that gamers rest there eyes for 10 seconds, every 10 minutes, by looking up at something 10’ away. The object is to look off into the distance rather than to focus on a specific object.
  3. Reduce glare streaming into the room, from lighting sources in the room, and from the computer screen or television. By doing so, the risk of eye strain is greatly reduced.
  4. If you’re playing video games on your television, sit 6’ – 10’ feet away from the screen; and if you’re playing video games on your computer, the top of the computer monitor should at least be at eye level.

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