West Side Eye Clinic - Do you see what I seeAre you seeing halos around lights?  Do you see floaters?  Is your vision blurry or is it clear?  Are you seeing double? Do you see colors as they truly are?  These are some of the symptoms of deeper problems with your vision. It is vital to your health to be proactive in having your annual eye exam to stave off serious eye diseases and prevent loss of vision. West Side Eye Clinic provides a comprehensive eye exam which is imperative in periodic fundamental eye care. Eye diseases are generally asymptomatic.  Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are paramount.

A complete eye examination includes multiple tests. Your vision will be assessed to determine your ability to focus on and distinguish objects, up close as well as at a distance. One test to determine your vision at a distance is reading the Tumbling E Chart. It is imperative that your pupils are dilated so the eye doctor can see into the back of your eye to better recognize the presence of eye disease. If an eye disease is present, the ophthalmologist will refer you to a specialist if necessary.  The optometrist will assist you in selecting eye wear or contact lenses, which ever best suits your needs.  We’ll have you seeing what’s really there with clarity and acuity in no time!

Selecting the best looking eye wear within your budget can be a challenge, but it can also be quite fun. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from in the marketplace, you can have your own personal eyewear fashion show.  Sunglasses are equally important in the healthcare of your vision. It is imperative to protect your vision from UVA and UVB rays at all times, especially with specialty coatings on your eyewear selections. Now do you see what I see?

To make an appointment at West Side Eye Clinic, you can reach us at (504) 347-8434.  For more information, you can submit a request at We are located at 4601 Wichers Drive in  Marrero and are at your service Monday through Wednesday from 9am – 5pm; Thursday and Friday from 9am – 4pm; and by appointment only on Saturday.  Your complete eye health is our top priority!

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