driving-at-night - Westside Eye ClinicCataracts and a plethora of other eye conditions are the reasons as to why people have difficulty driving at night. In some cases, an eyeglass prescription is all that’s needed. However, surgery is necessary in the case of cataracts. If you find that you’re having difficulty driving at night, you should make an appointment to have a complete eye examination. Your well-being depends on your being pro-active.

If you’re experiencing halos around lights at night and blurry vision, the culprit is most likely cataracts. The lenses in our eyes are located behind the pupil. As we begin to age, cells in the lens begin to die and accumulate. When they accumulate, vision becomes distorted as the light passes through the pupil and is dispersed by the cloudy lens. The only cure for cataracts is a surgical procedure whereby the patient’s lens is replaced with a new lens. However, a deficiency in Vitamin A and Zinc, which contributes to the strength of the retina, can also cause trouble with driving at night. Eating a diet rich in Vitamin A and Zinc can stave off this problem. Remember to always wear your sunglasses, because they not only look hot, they also shade your eyes from extended sun exposure. If you have Diabetes, it’s most important to keep your blood glucose under control with diet, exercise, and medications, avoiding elevated glucose spikes. Elevated glucose levels cause damage to the blood vessels supporting the retina, which is called retinopathy. Also, side effects from LASIK surgery can obstruct your night vision. These are all serious conditions that can effect your vision irreparably if not properly tended to by a well trained eye physician and a dedicated staff who undergo extensive continuing education to keep up with the advances in eye care. With annual eye examinations, proper eyewear, diet, and exercise, many of these conditions can be circumvented.

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