Why do people close their eyes when they eat something unbelievably delicious?

eyes and eating - west side eye clinicWe use all of our senses to enjoy our meals. Our eyes tell us how delicious the cuisine looks. Our ears hear the sizzle and pop. With our noses, we take in the full bouquet of the aroma created by the meal. The sensation of touch reacts to the texture of what we’re consuming. Then our taste buds tell us how delicious the meal is and is the culmination of all of our senses combined.

When we close our eyes while we eat something delicious, it is because we want to truly savor the food and flavors in our mouth at that moment. We want to be present in the moment. By closing our eyes, we reduce any distractions around us. It’s much like a blind person experiencing heightened hearing to compensate for their loss of sight. Our sense of taste becomes heightened because we have limited our sense of sight momentarily. However, from the moment your eyes glance over to a buffet table and see the many delightful offerings available, chances are it has already decided what you’ll enjoy before you even put it in your mouth. Moreover, it is the same reason why we close our eyes while kissing, to be present in the moment and focus on the experience.

From a psychological perspective, closing your eyes while eating allows you to see with your “minds eye”. It is eating with mindfulness which serves as a basis for self-control. Mindful eating is the practice of developing an unbiased awareness of how the food we consume affects our body, feelings, mind, and our environment around us. Although the adage is that we eat with our eyes first, our “mind’s eye” sees the experience far more clearly.

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